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A leading exporter renowned for delivering top-quality meats sourced from the finest producers  in Australia.

Fueled by expertise and unwavering dedication, we guarantee that our products consistently meet and surpass set standards.

Premium Quality

Meticulously prepared to your specifications, discover premium quality meat at its finest.

Wide Variety

Choose from an extensive range of our product offerings – Grainfed & Grassfed beef, wagyu, veal, lamb & sheep products.


Ethically sourced, our meats also boast complete traceability from farm to table.

Farming Regions

We own farming operations over the eastern seaboard of Australia, focusing on the fertile pasturelands of our forefathers.

product offering

Discover our exceptional product range

Our premium product line showcases the finest in Grainfed & Grassfed Beef, Wagyu, Lamb, Veal, Mutton and Sheep products. Each category features an array of carefully curated cuts, ensuring a diverse selection that caters to your preferences.


Specialists in exporting premium Australian meat

With decades of experience in the meat industry, we have honed our trade expertise to perfection. With over 50 years of specific Middle East experience within the company, we are well-equipped to deliver the finest quality of guaranteed Halal meat from Australia.

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